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Lateral Partner Moves in London


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Welcome to our series of round-ups of all the latest lateral partner moves in the London legal market.


It seems partners today have such a penchant for moving firms that it's almost impossible to keep track of all their comings and goings. We hope you find our regular updates a useful overview of which partners have moved (and where to) and which firms have been recruiting at a lateral level.


May/June round up of lateral partner moves in London
Welcome to the latest round up of lateral partner moves in the London legal market from Edwards Gibson, where we look back at partner-level recruitment activity in London over the past two months and give you a ‘who’s moved where’ update.
In terms of absolute numbers, this edition of partner moves is relatively tame in comparison to the others we have published over the past 12 months. The lack of large scale multi-partner team moves, the absence of the distorting impact from the collapse of a major law firm and, at this stage at least, seemingly light casualties from the CMS, Nabarro, and Olswang tie-up, has meant that the number of lateral partner moves in London is down over 20% on both the preceding two months of 2017 and the same (May-June) period last year.
In total we recorded 73 lateral partner moves 13 of whom (18%) were elevations of senior associates or counsel into partnership.
Going forward the uncertainty arising from the on-going Brexit negotiations, together with the prospect of another snap general election arising from the inherent instability of the UK’s now hung parliament, will doubtless have an impact on the UK economy. It remains to be seen just how that impact will translate to the London lateral hire market.
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