77th edition of Edwards Gibson Partner Moves featured in Law360 article, ‘Axiom Ince Collapse Contributes To Boom In Partner Moves’

November 2023

In an article by Law360 titled, ‘Axiom Ince Collapse Contributes To Boom In Partner Moves’, Law360 journalist Ashish Sareen relayed the findings of the 77th edition of Partner Moves, which saw the most London partner moves ever recorded in a two-month period.  



The article notes a key point raised in this edition of Partner Moves, namely that the collapse of Axiom Ince and the internecine warfare between Paul Weiss and Kirkland & Ellis has boosted the numbers. Even when discounting the 17 moves Edwards Gibson has recorded coming from Axiom Ince (already cut down from the nearly 30 announced), this two-month period saw the second most moves for the September-October months since 2007.


Sareen further highlights an observation made by the September-October 2023 Partner Moves, that the mammoth number of moves is not in keeping with the current challenging economic conditions and weakened legal market. Even in the current economic climate, 22% of these moves were from non-partnership into partnership.


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